prick no more!

rid those frizzy hair with super super super and i mean SUPER moisturising shampoos and conditioners from Moist Dane!

repair works at it's best!

starting with the best repairing shampoo and conditioner I've ever ever ever used, my head of hair is not only thankful to have them, they are loving them so so much! The after effects from this duo pack are nothing alike what you've tried from the other shampoos/conditioners! they work your tangles and knots out in a breeze, leaving you nothing but soft and lovely smelling hair! unlike some of the other repair-promising shampoos and conditioners that I've tried before, Moist Diane's ones allow your hair to not only feel soft while the product is on, they let your hair reap all the goodness so even after you've washed the products off, your hair will still feel as soft as when the product is on!

bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!

don't worry about losing your hair's own moisture when you cleanse with Moist Diane because their main cleansing ingredient is the ever famous hair loving argan oil!

moved on to the green duo pack after I was done with the pink bottles because it's maintenance time for all that repaired soft tresses! Smelt alot like a ton of fresh green apples and sweet nectar got squashed into this bottle! Best smelling shampoo award goes to you, mr green bottle Moist Diane Botanical shampoo! A little bit different from the pink bottle in terms of the after texture and uses. 

spreading da love allova!

not only does this series of shampoos and conditioners allow my hair to regain it's health, with the optimal scalp and hair roots condition, my hair can now grow at a faster speed! my hair takes forever to grow so anything to help with the growth of my hair is always deeply appreciated!

i'm officially a convert & a fan!

with more than 90% natural ingredients in these bottles, you can be assured your hair will be the softest and smoothest threads you'll ever feel after using these lovables! I'd recommend the green pack for hair that are already in their normal state and the pink pack for hair that needs a triple shot espresso type of hydration! 

alike our skin, oily/greasy hair only happens when the scalp feels the need to produce oil to make up for the dryness so stay away from the shampoo that cleanses to the squeak! they only give temporary relief to clearing out the oil! the scalp will only want to produce even more sebum than it needs to because of the squeaking clean environement you've put it under so please! Love your scalp and hair the right way!

psst, the products are so gentle and human loving that it can even be used on babies! legit! 

very happy that Moist Diane actually took note of my one, only preference when it comes to using anything at all, self purchased or sponsored that is I don't do/use/promote producss that undergoes animal testings! very proud of Moist Diane for they are not only clear of that but they are beaming with pride about their no animals derived products!