TK TrichoKare Award-winning Hair & Scalp Treatment

TK TrichoKare Award-winning Hair & Scalp Treatment

Heads up darlings! So last week, i was at Trichokare, the leading Trichological centre that provide expert solutions on hair and scalp problems. I got to experience their
award-winning hair and scalp treatment and it was a thoroughly cleansing scalp treatment! My scalp felt cleaner and lighter after just 2 hours of the treatment!

Scroll through to get a brief idea on what my whole treatment was about!


In short, the real benefits you get from going through with this particular treatment are,
1. Balanced scalp pH level (no greasiness, no dryness, no itchiness)
2. Grease, sebum and silicon build-up completely removed and follicles are visibly cleaned
3. Stronger hair
4. Lesser hair fall
5. Faster hair growth
6. Healthier hair sprouts

Keep in mind that visiting a professional certified scalp and hair expert like TrichoKare is really important because we don't wanna waste money and time at a place that shows no results right?
1. TrichoKare staffs are trained only by certified Trichologists
2. All TrichoKare’s customised treatments use premium European herbs that are free from harsh
3. Tested & Proven – 98% of men and women have seen visible hair growth with the help of
TrichoKare’s certified Trichologists!
4. Winner of multiple hair awards (refer to bottom of page)

my thoughts on it?
I'd say you go for it! I really honestly felt like my head felt a whole whole lot cleaner after just 1 session and believe it or not, I have a good amount of wacky silicon and wax in my pores even without me using any kinds of hair wax, hair sprays or dry shampoo so for those of you who use any of them often, you reallllly ought to get your scalp checked and have it cleared!

Visit their page for more: TK TRICHOKARE
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