Here, is where I play host and you play guest. Housed within the acres of bandwidth on rental is an imaginary space I call Headquartion.

Basically, this is where I report for "work", some sort of, so this e-space is technically my HQ and since majority of my "job scope" is putting myself out, I feel butt naked but comfortable enough. The same kind of ease I get when I walk around my level in the buff like a fucking champion because no one ever comes up, so this, feels a tad like home. But for it's inability to shelter me, in literal concrete terms, it shan't be home home but a quarter of home. President and only resident of this quartered-headquarters has three dogs and no cats because curiousity killed it. Other things curiousity killed are 1st impressions. I greet with a question because I really just want to know what's at the end of the rainbow. Don't we all?

A rough outline on what's coming up here–

You'll be served with a plateful of my mind, my sound, my heart, my flesh and my bones, figuratively.
On a serious note, occasional pms whinings, current mood/sweaterweather playlists, uncommon findings, trial and error crafts/DIY, mindless doodlings, in or out fashion edits, tofu-like skincare tips, favs cosmetics, couch potato friendly recipes, housechores shortcuts, how to love your dogs and

every other damn thing

Welcome to Headquartion