GOOD SKIN 365 24/7

GOOD SKIN 365 24/7

I've been getting wayyyyyyy too many of the same questions whenever I go live on instagram and one of the most asked question is on my skincare routine.

In case you're skeptical,
This is :

Not an ad.
Not an endorsement.
Not paid extra for this post.
Not sponsored for this post.
Not receiving any benefits from mentioning the brands.

This is a 101% what I use everyday, twice/thrice a day.

This will definitely not my permanent skincare routine because I get exposed to many different products with new formulas, new technologies, new ingredients and all of that sort but as of now,



Albion Infinesse range smoothing whip wash
(available at Takashimaya Department Store & Metro Centrepoint)
one of my all time favourite facial wash!! this might just be the hundredth time I'm raving about this.

Now Solutions grapeseed oil from ($5 off your 1st order with my referral code : WNN561)
I use this particular brand of grapeseed oil because it has the lightest consistency which makes it really easy for me to wipe the make up off with the cotton pads without tugging too much at my skin.


Plain greek yoghurt
no particular brand that is bad but I prefer Diary Farm's for it's smoother texture


Vanity Planet ice roller

if you're a camel, owl and early bird all at once then this is your saviour. First thing I do after I get out of bed is to roll my face with this icy cool roller. Feels so good I wish the coolness never dies down because trust me you'd want to keep rolling it on your face all day long too. Helps take away the eyebags from water retention, helps with dark circles because the rotary movement encourages better blood and oxygen circulations and soothe the mysteriously annoying pimple.


Jane Iredale pommist hydrating face mist (shopping links on their facebook page)

I use this before & after my make up to get my entire face glowing.

Ole Henriksen truth serum
couldn't resist trying it because of the raves I read online about it and it seems pretty good so far. Brightens my face and helps with the maintenance of my skin tone.

Albion Infinesse whitening lotion (available at Takashimaya Department Store & Metro Centrepoint)
I use this instead of tap water to wet my beauty blender because killing two birds with one stone. saves me the trouble of walking up and down to the toilet to get water...

Thursday Plantation tea tree oil (available in most drugs stores)
pat this on the pimples to diminish them.

Ole Henriken sheer moisturiser
also another product that is always being mentioned in those beauty and skincare youtube videos and I know now why it's receiving so much love. oil free, light and literally sheer... safe and good for all skin types!


Albion Excia intensive whitening essence (available at Takashimaya Department Store & Metro Centrepoint)
if and when you are prepping for a special event and need flawless royal like skin, make sure you prepare a month before it. a 28 day whitening essence programme that brightens and turn you from plain jane to immaculate mary. one bottle each night and waking up to review your skin every morning will be your favourite thing to do for that month.


Cloversoft Tissue (available in most leading supermarkets)

the only brand my house has now because I've successfully eradicated the white tissues. very particular when it comes to what touches my skin, for real. so only cloversoft tissue, wet wipes and toilet rolls are allowed on my face, my brushes and sponges and my darling baby dogs.


Clarisonic Mia Fit
(available for preorder)
no way I will be without this at all. not a single day. and I go through the entire cleansing with this even when I'm suppose to be rushing out. my holy holy holy holy holy holiest grail product i've ever had in my entire existence. i pair this with my albioin whitening whip to wash my face. twice/thrice a day depending on how many times I bathe in a day.

Clarisonic sonic radiance cleanser (available for preorder)
milky, creamy and really radiating. not advisable for people who don't cleanse their face as much but I do a double shot with this first and then my albion whip on my clarisonic whenever I wear make up for more than 3 hours. but if you're looking for a good make up remover/facial wash that just won't strip the oil off your face no matter how many times you wash, this is the one you're looking for!

I'm taking in orders for Clarisonic Mia Fit (pink only to keep things easier please...) because my friend is in the states now and she'll be helping me get my brush head refills, OH! & BECAUSE SHE TOLD ME THERE'S A SALE THERE NOW so just sharing the love because it's so freaking expensive here in Singapore and I totally understand the head wrecking dilemma to invest so much on one little device because guilty. I thought about purchasing this day and night 7 days a week for 2 months because I couldn't bear to let $270 go for one small device.

But thank god, my aunt coincidentally went to US that time and helped with my purchase. ended up paying about $80 lesser. holy shit! which is really why I'm extending this offer to you now because I want all of you to try the power of this freaking brush!!

To order, email >>> with subject title "CLARISONIC"
*please read*
pink colour only because we want to keep things simple for my darling friend who will be helping us get this with zero benefits.
order by the 1st of march please because she's leaving US for Germany before coming back to Singapore on the 15th of March.
I'll be doing a mass meet up (either in pasir ris, tampines or seletar mall) so you can collect it from me or you may opt for the parcel to be couriered to your address at an additional flat fee of $8
your orders should be with you latest by the 22nd of march.

CLARISONIC MIA FIT (device only) $240
comes with detachable radiance brush head + usb device charger + 1oz sonic radiance cleanser

CLARISONIC MIA FIT SET (exclusive gift set) $330 (this is the one I have as pictured above!)
comes with 2 detachable radiance brush head + usb device charger + 4oz sonic radiance cleanser

all prices stated are in Singapore dollars.