Shhh Silk x Melissa Shoes

Have always been a fan of satin, smooth polyester, faux suede & silk. I guess what I really like about them is how luxurious they feel when they graze past the skin and how effortless it is for anyone to pull off a rich but lazy chic look with it. It amuses me how such fabrics has the ability to flow down with such grace and tranquility like an undisturbed cascade.

I've been using silk pillow cases for a good year now and I was over the moon when Shhh Silk contacted me. Wouldn't hurt to have another silky soft pillow case plus! the ones from Shhh Silk came with zips and I'm totally digging that! 

A little nugget of research that I've done on my own long ago before I convinced myself to indulge my head (& kimchi's) with the silk cases! 

Found an article from Huffington post on why you should switch your cotton pillow case for some slinky silk ones! 

Get your silk cases from shhhsilk & the super comfy sliders from mdreams 


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