Revolve Clothing x Illamasqua

Ending this year with a bang with this bedazzling piece from Revolve Clothing! Haven't been able to get my size from both Asos & Nastygal so I was beyond happy when I found it on Revolve Clothing! with an added bonus that I got it on this ad deal so double yay!

I've decided to pull in a cosmetics brand that I work closely with and use them to finish off this metallic look. and it's none other than the brilliant Illamasqua! the make up brand that creates the most perfect metallic shades and pigments in my opinion and I'm not saying this because I'm paid to but from the very first time, way before I even got the chance to work with them, I had my eyes on their Liquid Metal Palette.

But being the student that I was, I didn't myself to indulge in such luxuries so I just fantasized about them all this while and many years passed, I finally got to work with them and got my hands (& eyes) on the palette!
just in case you're wondering!, they are available in Robinsons at The Heeren.

For this look, I used:
Radiance Veil to prime and moisturise my skin.
To even out my skintone, I used some Skin Base Foundation in 2
& set it with a buff of the Loose Powder in 010.
I then fill in my brows with the Brow Cake in Thunder from my new super convenient Multi Facet Palette in Aura.
Contoured my nose bridge with the light brown Powder Eyeshadow (I can't find the name of it!) also part of the Multi Facet Palette in Aura.
& highlighted the middle part of my nose with the brighter shade of Powder Eyeshadow that I also can't seem to find the name of, also from my Multi Facet Palette in Aura. (Told cha! goods and convenience packed into one little handy dandy box!)
Swept on some of the Gold cream off from the Liquid Metal Palette onto my top eyelids and applied their Masquara in Raven a couple of times for that more intense flutter.
Used their awesome Gel Sculpt in Silhouette to create a some structure on my face and briefly dapped some gloss onto my cheekbones with their creamy highlighter, Gleam in Aurora Champagne.
Swat on some Pristine on my lips and I was ready to roll!

Not sure why but I've been into the whole asymmetrical thing lately and oh! actually I know what got me into this faze. I was browsing through NG and saw this exact same dress picture below in another colour and thought, oh god I need to get it no matter what! The girl looked like a goddess in that dress! scrolled further to check out the sizes available and damn, was put to disappointment with the only size available to be a size L.

Was beyond the moon when I found this in my size on Revolve Clothing when they contacted me for this ad and I was so thrilled I found this on their site! I even told the girl I was liaising with how I've been hunting high and low for this dress in my size for the past few weeks and tada! thank you God for giving it to me via Revolve Clothing. Not to mention, for this engagment. 

You'll see why this dress was my reason of frenzy below!


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