Saw the first Tokyo Bust Express tv ad 7 years ago when I was catching the Mediacorp award's show and I was like "I call bluff!" How can the boobs get enhanced naturally?!

All the way till last year when I got contacted for the ad & I thought ok let's give it a try I mean why not, since they were paying me and many claimed to have seen visible results after their first session.

& so ever true to the claims...
THERE WERE SIGNIFICANT RESULTS FOR ME AFTER THE FIRST SESSION. & no, this isn't scripted or false claims that I do for advertising purposes. 

The very fact that I have been going for my sessions almost weekly, sometimes twice weekly proves that I am sold with their treatments and the results that I've been reaping.

If you're looking to firm, enhance, detoxify or balance the size of your booooobies, here's the place to run to!

It is treatment that helps activate your glands under your breast tissues. This is to also help in the absorption of the nutrients that is in the gel that was applied before the device has been strapped onto you. So for this treatment, a pair of circular pads will be placed over your boobs and a machine will be connected to the circular pads which will then send micro electric currents on to your boobs area. So all you have to do during this 20 mins is take a short sweet nap (: & don't worry a single bit about getting electrocuted, this is safer than you try pen-tricking your three point switch outlet with a two point plug. all you'll feel is a little fussing and that's it! 

This next treatment is a hand massage by the therapist and no, it's not awkward. not for me. It's super comfortable to be honest and it's not ticklish or invasive. ok, it's not like I'm super liberal and used to it when it comes to people seeing me topless or touching me as a matter of fact but since this is part of the package and the therapists have seen a million other boobies, it made things alittle less weird. Alike, working out at the gym, this treatment works the muscles out without you dripping a single drop of perspiration.

My favourite of them all because the rhythmic suction makes the perfect lullaby every afternoon I'm there. This would be your favourite treatment too if you're a prisoner of those pesky overspilling muffins fats from your underarms. This particular machine also does such a good job at perking up your boobs by pulling the tissues from within and it helps in firming and centralising all the nearby fats, creating the perfect cleavage!

My second personal favourite would be this right here! This is somewhat like slapping on your clay mask only that instead of having to wash it up to rid the impurities, the mask hardens up. It is absolutely relaxing & highly effective. The purpose of this mask is to encourage the breasts to stay in place after they have been centralised by the Purge Me Up treatment. 

TokyoBustExpress is always very generous in giving our promotions so be very very sure to catch them on their website

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