So I was introduced to this line of Japanese skincare brand sometime last month and it left me really impressed with the results that I manage to achieve from just a month of religiously using the products.

The people who sent me the products told me specifically to use the Albion exclusive cotton pads because it is designed specifically to suit the density of the products.

Skeptical me went to test it out with my other brand's solution and true enough, the cotton pad didn't work as well with it compared to when I used it with the Albion's products.

Albion started me on their newly reformulated EXAGE moisturising range and I personally find it useful in maintaining the optimal moisture balance in my aging skin.

In case I haven't already repeated myself over and over and over over over again, the reason why some of you find your skin oily/dry is solely because your skin lacks moisture. Simple as that. Because the skin cells feel dehydrated and thirsty, it will send a signal to the producing glands to supply more oil to supplement what's thirsty and dry, and that's how your skin gets too oily overtime if you keep using the clarifying and harsh chemical mixed products to clear away the oil.

To overcome all these oily/dry facial issues, simply start hydrating your skin to change it's condition. If you're thinking, omg my face is already shining with oil and crazy chloe is asking me to slap on an oilier layer of goo?! What the hell is she thinking?

But I swear once you get over the initial phase of moisturising, your skin will change for the better and then you can thank me later...

After the cleansing and washing of your face, start with Albion Exage Activation Moisture Milk as it replenishes your skin with the moisture it needs and soften the skin, enhancing absorption of skincare products that follow after.

I know most of the other skincare brands always teaches us to use the lotion/toner prior to applying any cream or milk but thanks to Albion's technology, all of their Milk products are able to penetrate instantly and I feel that it not only moisturises, but acts as a second cleanser to clear away any residue left behind by our make up or just our daily shedding of dead skin cells.

Be sure to apply this Exage Activation Moisture Milk with a cotton pad in circular outwards notionsfrom the inner parts of your face towards the outer and don't leave out your neck! work it upwards from your collarbones towards the chin.


Next, we move on to the No. 1 selling skincare product in Japan since 1974, Albion's Skin Conditioner or better known as "Ski-Con". This stuff is the most humble looking champion I've ever ever came across?! It leaves your skin as soft as tofu and I'm not even exaggerating that claim.

Similarly, drip a couple of solution onto the cotton pad and pat upwards, including the neck area once again.

Seal in all the goodness with two pumps of Albion Exage Vital Generate serum. I usually stay away from serum because I find that it's little bit too heavy for my skin to take if I used it on a daily basis. I'll only use it say about twice a month? But what I really like about this particular serum is that it feels like light watery gel upon application and it really really is nothing as heavy and as greasy feeling as all other serums.

Spread the serum all over and you may want to double layer that during your night facial regime if you're sleeping in an air conditioned environment where it tend to dry your skin more than usual.

Following a tip-a-tap-a-tip-a-tap rhythm, use your fingertips to massage the delicate area under your eyes. Relieves the poofiness under your eyes! 

Pat your entire face with your palms gently in your final step to drive the molecules deeper into the molecules!

The one thing about Albion that I especially love? No animal testing!

Start getting some love for your precious skin at Albion's counter over at Takashimaya Beauty Hall Singapore!

& pssst! got you guys a deal just because... (:
Head down to Albion's counter and tell the staffs you heard about them from me, Chloe Choo and you'll get a set of their sample sized kit that consist of the Japan famous product, the Ski-Con + Exage Activation Moisture Milk!


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