If you haven't heard about it, you must be in a man hole! YoungHungryFree is turning 3 years old this nov! I am a hundred and one % proud of myself for being a part of the YHFamily and a hundred and two % proud of them for coming this far. I'm so so so so madly in love with the brand, the mastermind behind the brand and all of her extra hands. YHForever

YHF hasn't only been a clothing brand that I front but it feels very much like she is sort of my childhood friend. It seems like we spent the last 3 years growing alongside each other and we've been as close as braids since about 2 years ago? So knitted together that some of you guys thought I bred her. Hmm, I wish...

But regardless the status of relationship/friendship that YHF and I have impressed you with, unimportant...
Cos I just really want to thank her for all the faith she had in me in this entry & MAKE SURE YOU GUYS TURN UP FOR HER SLAAAAYIN' 3SOME BIRTHDAY PARTEIIIIIII THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (yes, I'm screaming whenever I caps the words...)

might have just drenched my thongs at the thought of my first 3SOME....

I promise you a good ride but nope,
no need for cowgirls or rodeos this time
cos they've got you covered with...

wanna play with me?
cum get me this sat, I'll be at the parking lot.

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