Halloween with Desperados @Universal Studios Singapore!


My soul probably left my body for a split second before I took a big ass leap into yan's arms to seek some protection HAHA. 

Well, I basically yelled my throat out during the first 3 mins of my entering into Hard Rock Hotel's room last weekend and
Here's why...

1st, I was greeted by this sight the minute I tapped my card 

Ok..."scare Chloe and her guest 1" — ✔️success

and then, Yan made his way in first and exclaimed "There's a sleeper on our bed!" And I misinterpreted it as slipper so I went "are you kidding me... Why the f*ck they put a sli–AHHHHHHHHH!! WHAT THE F*CK WHAT THE FlYING F*CK" 

"Scare Chloe and her guest 2"— ✔️success

TO THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THE PLANS AND DECO, YOU WIN HANDS DOWN. HANDS F*CKING DOWN. I was shaken. Shaken like a dying leaf. No kidding. I didn't let yan leave my sight and side.

Thank god they left some chilled desperados on the console with my welcome note. I was in a dire need for some of that tequila flavoured beer to calm my fragile nerves down. I was first introduced to this drink when I bagged home a yhf warehouse sale pack and I fell in love with it ever since. 

I'm honestly not the best drinker when it comes to alcohol. Not even close to decent. I tend to shy away from alcoholic beverages or food because I'm not a fan of the bitter taste so for me to say, desperados is really good. It has got to be something.

Yan and I have the most opposite views on 90% of the things and for him to agree with me on this, it really really must be something impressive. Try it and you'll know it! 

There'll be sweetness when it first lands on your tastebuds, then the light alcohol feels will take over your senses and swoosh, down it goes leaving a hint of slight bitter sweet on your tongue. The worst/best thing is you will never know when you'll be gone. The alcohol content is pretty high for a regular bottle of beer but I love the little danger that comes along with it! But only when I'm around yan and people I can trust my life with. Please remember to drink responsibly, regardless. 

Anw, back to where I left off on the whole crazy ass room decor, so my annoying prick left poor me hanging in the room with the "girl" for the toilet when the door bell rang. I was so apprehensive when I had to open it....

and guess what, I was greeted with this black ass masked box.
My heart...

I dragged the box in cos apparently it was our mystery challenge box and was too scared to be in the same space as both the box and the insane "girl" so...


I might have left out the part where I tell you guys that I was gifted a room at Hard Rock's by Desperados.
& no, no free lunch in this world.
Desperados sent me on a mission to conquer universal studio's Halloween horror nights 5!

Other than HHN5, I was given a mystery challenge box. I actually like getting such challenges, outside all the horror. I think my liking grew after sitting through a season of masterchef.

Waited for the knight in shining armour to get his ass out before I very tragically fearfully opened the box.

& hallelujah! the contents let me live. Felt alittle bit like receiving tyra's mail cos yan was the one reading the challenges out and idk? He gives me so many reasons to laugh and love everyday. Ahhh~ 

Ok snapping back, we made our way to get some food after we completed the first challenge and before surrendering ourselves to the horror-ble night...

Make sure you have some desperados whether before or during or even after the whole horror experience cos it sure as hell helped me enjoy the horror ambience more than I expected. I'm not asking you to get drunk and tipsy...I'm just saying, have a desperados and let your hair loose for the night! 

Me the morning after because all the running away from the monsters and cold sweating shagged me out so bad. 

and but of course, thank you Desperados and Hard Rock Hotel for the night!