Checking In

just dropping a hello before i engulf you in my big ass sorry! took an unannounced break, an unplanned  one really. well, the retardation of entries began to sip in in my previous space when i felt obligated to write. ok, i generally don't like feeling obligated to do anything at all. i base most of the things i do on feelings and yeah, here i am again, getting back some sparks to restart this on a new page all over again!
anw, for starters, i've summarise in a paragraph what you will be getting yourself into if and when you should be tuning in here as we jiggle and wiggle in the coming months. you may find some downright filthy hands on diy step by steps, some roughly gauged recipes, some reckless behaviour encounters, some unrefined thoughts and some cat peeking out of the bag plans that i may have in mind! hmm, so in short, welcome to a fraction of my life!