What sparked me to take a plunge into writing this was an email that I received. An invitation from one of the biggest name in fashion history to be more specific.

Nope, this isn't a "OMG thank you god for blessing me with such opportunities" essay. This is, in contrary, a "Not so sure if this is the right thing to do but I'm going to write it anyfuckingway. Grrrh!" entry.

I sat on this for almost a good whole week before deciding to go with it. My initial doubts and self debuts were about the doors that I'm about to shut on myself if and when I should publish this but then my final thoughts were "ahhh. fuck the doors that choose to close on me. anw, why the hell am I so worried for? the same kinds of brands use the same materials so why would I wanna work with them anw? I chose not to work with them today, I doubt I'll choose to work with them in the years to come too. So...here goes"

I have negative ten thousands intentions of pulling a bitch fit here and I don't mean to single anyone or any company out because my only purpose of doing this entry is to make my point crystal clear.


Before I headbutt into this, I'd like to (re)introduce myself with this "Would I rather" game.

Would I rather be doing house chores looking like a rare asian breed maid, all unkept, ugly and wearing nothing but an overused set of unflattering pjs or glam up and get my pretty ass down to events where I get to pr with potential clients and take lots of photos with the hottest names in town plus grab home some event freebies?

I'd rather be doing the chores at home, ugly but useful. I know it's a total irony that my "job" scope requires me to do the latter yet I still go with the former. Agree, it's not the smartest choice if I think of it work wise, but on personal grounds, I think it's a brilliant decision.
I can make small talks, I can put myself out there and start introducing myself to strangers at events, spamming my namecards in their faces, feigning interest in whoever those cheap small talks revolves, puking insincere praises out from my mouth, hanging out with a bunch of "bestfriendsforever" that I only got to know a couple months ago and much less meet for less than 3 times just because they are one of the hot topics in town and bam! For a whole awesome month, you get to see my face shelved in every bookstore across the island and half way through scrolling through instagram, you are forced to see my face even though you are not a follower because every fucking brand is plastering my god damn face and doing features on me, me, me and nobody else but me.
I'm not saying that every single one you meet at events are plastics. I'm just saying that it's pretty rare to find real there and I don't like having to sift out the people I meet and form a friendship with because I'm the most trusting friend anyone can ever make. (but that's only after I decided to form a friendship of course. I'm just trusting, I'm not low on iq or eq)
& that's why I only choose to turn up on event grounds when I personally have a huge amount of interest in the event's content or when I'm there to support my friend(s), as a friend.

Would I rather be screenshot because the girls wanna steal my style and talk about my new, most sought after for leather bag strung across my chest or be scrolled past because who the hell knows what brand that pvc bag is?

I'd rather be using that cheap, less than the selling price of the handle only on the leather bag, pvc bag because I never believed in donning on carcasses to look fancy. Granted, no one is going to take a screenshot of that non-commercialised, non-trendy, non-over-worshipped brand and bag that I carry because being seen with it just doesn't do justification to the amount I have in my bank savings, right? In order to make my lame friends drip tears of envy, I'm going to have to either squeeze my boyfriend's or parent's or my own's bank dry to get that bag made out of baby lamb's skin, & yknw what's it for? it's all for that moment of (passing) glory. (:

The only purpose for those baby crocodiles/calves/sheep/snakes/(god knows what other animals they can think of using) is to be born, eat some food, grow alittle and be skinned dead or alive to satisfy my own vanity fancies.

If this doesn't make you cringe, well then I hope you step on a lego. That's not the way life is and that's not how things are. Your parent's or grandparent's or great great great great grandparent's life isn't how you should define yours. I know of people who will go "ok I admit I'm selfish but I just like leather." if you can watch how the leather bag or whatever animal-bi product is being made from scratch and still feel like it's ok to support this trade, then by all means.

So what got me into this buzz...

I felt angry and honoured at the same time and as much as my materialistic fraction wants to be a part of this, the majority part of me deterred me from attending this. They are definitely not the first to invite me down to an animal unfriendly event but undoubtedly one of the biggest names, which was why I had such a terrible struggle with myself initially because evil me felt so bewildered that I got an email from Hermès but normal me knew better and for that, I made it a point to write this and relief myself from this mixed feeling of tear.

I think brands that make money out of animals are downright disgusting and pathetic.

I don't fault the people who sent this invitation my way because it's not everywhere that you find information about my preferred lifestyle and diet.
But to whoever that thought of, Leather Forever. Are you fur-reeeeeking kidding me?!


so sick. so bloody sick.

Yes, I do think it's an honour to be recognised as part of the numbers that they invite down especially when such a big name is in the picture but really, what's this honour worth when there is to be no conscience? this type of honour is not mine to keep because if leeching off another life is what it takes, I'm not in for it.

To hell with you, Hermès.

Disneyland the happiest place on earth, or so they say?

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