Rose by Dr Dream

Rose by Dr. Dream is a cosmeceutical brand that uses a combination of enriched rose stem cell and rose distilled water to help women achieve the highly desired set of flawless glowy skin.

A popular symbol of love, romance and beauty, roses bring lots of wow to a woman's world! Roses have been researched to be as good for the skin as it is for the heart(:

More than meets the eye, roses are found to make a good barrier for the bacterias trying to invade our skin, they are anti inflammatory, they prevent sunburns because of their antioxidating properties, they make the best kind of moisturisers for dry, sensitive skin, they make a rosy good natural toner when you soak the petals in distilled water and they tighten your pores! and last but not least, they are anti aging all thanks to the high amount of vitamin A that's present in them!  

Dr Dream have came up with a set of skincare products made out of roses and I got to try two of them out!


1 Pour out a dime size on the dish inside the box or back of the hand after cleansing your skin with your regular toner

2 Apply powder onto face and watch the magic start! (look how it turned from powder particles to tiny micro liquid beads!)

*Double layer it on dark and wrinkled areas to get more significant results
*Apply after your usual make up regime to get the korean moist, glow look! don't worry, it wouldn't affect your make up a single bit!


This rose clay pack's strong adhesion will take care of all the junk in your pores. Rose distilled water and rose stem cell helps in revitalising your skin and surging the pores with moisture and vitamins!

1 Pump product out on fingers and spread it evenly on your entire face

2 Leave it on for a min or 2 and watch as the bubbles start frothing! This change in state signifies the product drawing the impurities out so don't fret!

3 Rinse off with water and continue with your usual toner!

 *Use as wash off mask 2 to 3 times weekly for normal skin and
use with sleeping pack for oily/troubled skin!

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