She opened my eyes, she altered my perspectives and visions, she refined my thoughts and she made me so appreciative of things. I got to look at the future him for abit and it touched me so much I teared. I saw him age slowly and as he held my hands tightly and I felt a surge of protection and assurance. In that moment, I knew I will never want anyone else as much as I wanted him to age with...
I mean I kinda had that thought with me all along but have never been as sure as that minute. The amount of intense surreality was unforgivingly unreal. 
& but why of course, I couldn't have been thankful enough to get his firm affirmation of embrace and companion.

The recurring motion of patterns around me were more than fascinations and wonders. It made me realise how blind I was to the things around me that I never appreciated. It is the most bewildering and eye opening experience I've ever had and for that, I'm super duper grateful for the friends I had with me, the moments and laughters we had together above everything else.

Hoping to make this entry serve as a gentle reminder for myself as the days get by...

Ps, special thanks to the humans in the photo & double the load for the other two hyper active humans snapping our photos all night all day long.

Take 5!