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BOOHOO! Flooding y'all with all my cosmetics post...I know. I apologise.
Decided to do a MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE COSMETICS post for a while now but I'm glad I did it today because then I got to try a whole year's worth of make up products before deciding which ones emerge as my favourites!


so here goes!!

from left to right
ART DECO camouflage cream that is unfortunately finishing and I'm unable to get a replacement for it T.T
OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS tinted moisturiser, this shit is so light and healthy!
MIRENESSE studio magic blur foundation
ILLAMASQUA radiance veil
BROWHAUS waxy eyebrow pencil, I'm gaga over the texture!
BROWHAUS HD waterproof mascara, doesn't budge even with my water base make up remover so don't worry about smudges with it! you can def count on it!
BROWHAUS precision eyeliner, black black black ink! love!
BROWHAUS heavy duty 2 way biliners, love it's smudgeproof abilities!
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URBAN DECAY gwen stefani palette, this crazy shit ass box of powder pigments covers my every highlighting, controuring, eyeshadow, fancy eyeshawdow, blusher needs! love beyond love
GERARD COSMETICS hydra matte liquid lipstick in Serenity, another one that I freaken love because of it's staying power and smooth matte finish!
FAUX FAYC lipcolour in LUST

I have a tons of brushes and I must admit, I am most picky when it comes to brushes because I like all of my things soft and nice so anything nasty is out of sight!
as shown, my favourite set of brushes, left to right are from:
13 RUSHES, favourite of the favourites!! softest brush I've ever ever owned!

Finalising my get up with my trusty CHLOÉ edp, CLOVERSOFT tissues, now available as wet wipes too! yay! and ruffling my hair with my set of HANZ DE FUKO (my new favourite favourite brand!!) via ZALORA!

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