Chance of Construction

Went on a adventure with three cool crews for a lookbook recording that got us wet, soiled, shagged but satisfied. I must say when I saw the final look of the video I was served a good meal given that my hunger for a good videographer and editor was insatiable. 

It was supposed to be a 5 pax attendance the other day but the outsourced photographer flew all of our kites on the day itself. Not going to be a hell bit sorry for saying this but you've got a bucket of unprofessionalism up your ass, C.

Not going to drown us all in her downer so here's the party of digital visuals and lookbook video that fucking awesome JR & JJ created for KIKIKELI!

Last word, thank you Kikikeli for having me and thank you for being such funny and easy to work with people, Mr Jr and JJ! It has been my honour more than anything else to be able to work with you on this project and I love love love love love love every bit of the video! 

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