Disneyland the happiest place on earth, or so they say?


Re writing this all over again when I was a few sentence close to publishing it just because the damn safari system decided to reload halfway through my typing and this bloody host doesn't do autosave. But sucker me is so hung up on me because of it's freeform design allowance. ugh

so let's reeeeeeef*cking start, doubting my ability to contain this rage so that whatever I'm about to write wouldn't be affected by this pricking glitch.

but gonna give it a go anyway because I've been meaning to post this set of photos up and the only reason why I haven't done so was because I was still figuring a good time to publish it but I decided against it when I figured the best time is whenever it felt right.

& now feels like it.

had a big time privilege when I got to be a part of this photoshoot I did with my boo. was going on and on in my last unfortunately gone post about how awkward I felt referring my boo as Yan because honestly, nobody the hell in our common social circle calls him that and I'm definitely not one of them who knows him by that name. Tho, that is actually the second coolest part of our relationship. First coolest being, I'm choo and he's yan and when you put both of us together, you'll get Choonyan which factually is his actual name. Ok damn.

the only reason why I'm all over is because I'm re writing this for the f*cking third time. yup guys, not once, not twice, it's fuckass thrice.

cut everything short, he'll be referred to as my hoo from now on because I love greeting him with a Boohoo! every time I write him a surprise love note so I'll be Boo! & he can be my hoo! my special very special hoo (:

omfg safari just close down and die 4ever. glitch happened 4 times now, such a bitch. wiped out my two sentences so I decided not to write and explain anymore.

straight to the point, we did a photoshoot together initiated by Desmond Tang, the mastermind behind the lens, the art directions and the edits.

was reluctant as ever to do this shoot with my hoo because of a faint memory I had of his history but Desmond specifically pointed out his interest in having hoo shot. in almost exact words, Desmond thought hoo was pretty photographic. Hoo is going to kill me for writing that out because shy boy he is so thank god he doesn't site visit... so good luck to me from now till the time he decides to be a little more in the know of my cyber world.

ok count no. 5 that's it! after this, it's goodbye Safari 5ever!

just wanted to add in a couple of thank yous before stupid ass Safari decides to pull a reload on me again.

Thank you, thank you and thank you Desmond for not making us feign our smiles and pull fake happily ever after fairytale like love scenes out. The brief was "just do whatever and be yourselves. pretend we're not here." I ship this kind of briefs. I hate the "be cheerful and in love" kind of brief. Like what?! that is a hundred and one % not how the real life love looks. Sure, nobody wants to be photographed unhappy or ugly in woes and worries but what's happy? smiles are not always the best representatives of happy to me so here we go with the real kinds of happy.

oh, but hold on. still want to continue my thank you note. thank you for making this shoot a breeze since actual living is what we're told to do so here's another one for Desmond and his buddy that I can't be more apologetic about because I can't recall his name but I swear to god I still am grateful for having him help out in the shoot. Made things a lot easier and swifter.

and goes without saying but here's one for my hoo. pretty grand deal that he agreed to doing this because can you imagine? I got chided for wanting to take a dumbass selfie with him, ok in a public spot but there weren't a lot of people. at least not more than 2 looking at us from a good 5 metres away? he is super private, ironically. no but for reals, he doesn't like to play a part in the game of fame so since my encounter with that short fused reprimand, I stirred away from asking him for a photo unless necessary or when I'm halfway down my grave if I don't get a photo with him. Appreciate his willingness to do this shoot above it all. 

whoever said that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth haven't quite found a space in the right pair of other arms.

to the better 1/2 of me, the carbon copy of my lazy habits, the bestest bestest friend of mine in human form, the manlier more chauvinistic version of me, sometimes the worser 1/2 of me, the direct opposite eater of my tastebuds and the last stranger I'm going to introduce to my family, mwah!

sidenote, if you're keen in engaging Desmond as your photographer for whatever event you have, you can grab him on this page!

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