Had my grillz done about half a year ago and was saving this feature for my last entry in 2016 but... #late

So here's to 2017?


Decided to have my grillz done in a set of letters for my upper teeth and a dripping effect one for my lower teeth.

I've always always always wanted to get myself a set of grillz, since I even started this page. Heck, in my recollection, I had my eyes on them like 6 years ago when I saw them in lil' wayne's teeth on mtv. 
Trust me on this one, I've done a shitton of googling to find someone who does this in Singapore but to no avail. I'm not sure about now but just 2 years ago, I re-did my hunt for a grillz maker and still it boiled down to the same old results. 

It's (super x999) rare to find a grillz maker in Singapore, let alone someone who can do the job well.

But, when one door closes, another opens right?
Got a heaven-sent email from Russell, the professional grillz maker/owner of @chezgrillz one fine afternoon and ta-da!!

Got myself not 1 but 2 freaken awesome sets of grillz!!!!!!

Top set: "Butt" 
Bottom set: Dripping effect encrusted with lab-created diamonds


Dedicated the grillz customisation to my darling half because love? obsession? #life

He's not my b or bae or babe or baby or whatever the couple name calling thesaurus bears. He's my Butt because like the 2 round chunky flesh that everyone has, he supports me just like how a normal set of bum support and give comfort when we are seated down. He's my Butt because just like my bum, I think he fits my frame and proportion nicely. I definitely do not have the perkiest bum but it doesn't matter that much to me because I'm comfortable with them and he is definitely one of my first choices if I have to pick somewhere safe. He is unquestionably my bomb shelter. He's my Butt because alike my bum, they are sometimes referred to as asses on days he disturbs and prank the shit out of me. He's my Butt because like my bum, they share the same decree, "see no touch."
& he's my one true Butt because he gives my heart a big meltdown and I turn from Magnum to Magnolia. He's my Butt because he turns my eyes from white to red, double lids to swollen lids when we disagree to agree and other times dry eyes to wet eyes with teardrops dripping out from all corners of my lids when he cracks his kickass jokes.

Grillz : ChezGrillz
Lash Extensions : Highbrow
Black Lipstick : MakeUpForever Aqua XL Eye Pencil
Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Eye Pen
Gold Chains : Kikikelistore
Faux Leather Jacket : YoungHungryFree