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Hey ya'll! 

Finafuckingly done with our Bali travelogue and though it may be the shortest trip we've been on, it's was my favourite trip of all! Primarily because it was more of a rest and relax vacay and we didn't have much to worry about when it came to our accommodation, itinerary and transports.

What's a trip to Bali without Motel Mexicola...at least for me. Absolutely, thoroughly thankful for my mr darling butt for having so much patience when I didn't want to leave like a child in an ice cream shop.

Pit of the trip was when I almost lost my phone while on the motorcycle. Never would have expected this to happen to me because I would never do that to anyone so I don't expect the same to happen to me... But this is probably why wars exist.
 I'm really just not used to these types of hostility overseas like Why in the world would anyone want to rob someone else?! I hate when I lose my stuffs so I would never intentionally force someone to go through that frustration too?! (no, i'm not out to preach or be mother teresa. I just think nobody should be robbed of anything because nobody has enough fucking rights to take away what the victim doesn't want to give.)

sorry for digressing but anyway, back to this whoreful snatch and run experience...
So I was using the GPS to navigate us around and it was not till we were on the lane that our villa was on that I decided to turn the jarring GPS voice off. I was struggling to even have a free hand because one hand was to be glued to my bf's waist whenever he's on the road. He's so strict about it I can't even lift my hands off to adjust the hair out of my mouth. We had a backpack  clammed in between us because again, he's all about safety. (such good foresight) 
I remember I almost got blinded by my phone led screen because we entered the almost pitch dark alley before I even realised that it made it such an easy target. Habitually, I turned behind to check for any incoming vehicles because they drive so recklessly there like they don't understand what's safe proximity and personal space.
Turned my head and blinded for the second bloody time, the approaching bike was so modified and polished that it seemed quite dubious already and with the crashing speed and way too close proximity. It was such an empty road that 2 SBS bus could fit side by side. 
I was only at stage "put visuals collection and feelings together, form a logical picture of what's going on" when the motorcyclist whisked past me interrupting the progressing picture formation. But bless me father, my usual butter fingers gripped onto my phone like a cobra's bite on it's prey and it was not like he eased his force. He tried pulling my hand along with it after my resistance. it wasn't until that point I finally finished the picture forming and realised, oh crap, robber alert. Me being me, I mindlessly roared right into his face that he decided to back off the game of snatch.

Best part? my bf didn't know all of that action happened until he heard my exclamation and so ever calmly, turned around and went "yah?" He only comprehended the actions he missed out on after witnessing the motorcycle speeding off.

Yup, that's my darling but 2little2late but still darling boyfriend for ya'll!!

another pit was when the police tried extorting money from us but my patience was thinning at the build up of unfortunate events so mr darling man settled this. (though technically this was his bad for not listening to my stay in and chill whines for the night)

I had so much fun and experience outside these bothersome testing my limits incidences and I would undoubtedly revisit the Seminyak again.