Was introduced to a few products from FrankSkincare sometime last year and I am usually very particular about the products that go onto my face, so when I learnt that the products are made 100% from certified organic ingredients, I was convinced it was good to go onto my face!

Shared the products with my mother and she loved it so much she went to buy her own supplies from one of their stockists!


Refreshing and really light! I love how cooling it feels when the hydrating molecules hit my face! If you haven't already know, rose infused water helps in the tightening and healing of pores! Easy carry out bottle for anytime-anywhere convenience! Great hydrating option for those working in air conditioned environment! 


A bottle of mixed natural oils extracted from flowers and herbs! everything your skin needs in a bottle for that healthy radiance and PH balancing. Whether your skin type is combination, dry or oily, this bottle of goodness will help you get through all your skin woes! I personally use it only at night because I'm under room temperature majority of the time so I find the rosy mist enough to hydrate my skin during the day.


Loveeeeeeee this thirst quenching body oil! My legs tend to be dryer compared to the rest of my body so when I first slapped these on my skin, they felt so good! My legs honestly felt so so so smooth the next day after infusing my skin with the oil! Kinda an addict now and I got to use it everynight else I will feel like my legs are crackling!

Get your bottles of skin loving oil online from FRANKSKINCARE or from their stockists, Sabrina Goh, Naiise , Flare Wellness and Excluniqueeee.