Revolve Clothing X Poppy Flora Studio

Borrowed the quaint and rustic workshop space from Poppy Flora Studio two weekends back to gather some shots for this entry. Realised it was oddly coincidental that the settings in the space and the upcoming Chinese New Year festival share the same vibes. Took it in as my unplanned "good" planning that the photos are part of the CNY hype. Word tags like tangerines, oriental, traditional, asian, pussy willow, red kept flying by my head as I edited the photos in an almost blank stupor.

& why but of course, since I've got Revolve Clothing on the plate, dinner would of course be served with a taste of contemporary sass. Kept the edge and "me" while I worked the warm mandarin hues with the mother natured blooms and brunches that Sarah from Poppy Flora Studio nurtured.

NBD Mamacita Dress / Poppy Flora Studio Workshop Space


Frank Body