Have never fancied beaded accessories but ever since knowing my Hoo, I was introduced to a whole new door of fashion. Never told anyone else this but the first thing that I found attractive about him was the turquoise string of beads that dangled on his neck and I thought..."mmm hmmm 😍" and there, fell head over boots for this one. 

As mentioned, he got me acquainted with the beads and what nots and ta dah! got my very own set of beaded necklace from Chandrah!

The Joyti Necklace by Chandrah

Picked this set for it's monochrome colours and marble prints. Love that it sits comfortably just slightly below my collarbone and how it matches my very blacken bias wardrobe staples. I am bought over by the fact that the beads on the necklace are crafted by the real natural semi precious stones. I do not 101% believe in their powers but it's nice to know that the stones on my neck are actually working some magic!