Had the pleasure to work with one of my favourite jewellery brand stationed in the states.
Along with this working collaboration, I was asked to do this short QnA, so here it is with a gallery of shots that I took with the bangles!


in a little black house on a little red dot!

Let's not do this...

Describe your jewelry style in your own words?
minimal, as basic as possible

Where does the inspiration come from? Did you always like this style?
mmm...I think I'm just a really lazy person and I like to be fuss free

Do you prefer silver or gold? and why?
it changes along the way  

Who's your favorite jewelry trend?
the bindi from the hindu culture

Do you like being online famous?
I don't think I'm online famous. or offline famous. not even close. 

Do people often recognize you in public?
hmmmm....I don't really expose myself to a lot of the public. I'm a hermit crab.

Are you in love? What's that like? (I notice your instagram features your boyfriend alot and its so cute!) that right? I haven't been this in love...

What’s a typical day for you?
drag myself outta bed, head down, whip some food for my dogs, slap a hell load of yoghurt on my face, get my in-house errands done, climb back up to my bathroom, dive into the
showers, slip into my clothes, book a taxi, grab my make up bag and start dolling up in the cab! 

What do you think about fashion?
I think it's an evolving thing but more than that, I think it's all about you. I mean, if you can make a statement for yourself and pull off a full polka dots set with pride and confidence, then yeah! you are a walking piece of fashion. 

What music are you listening to recently (songs that are currently your favs)?
I'm going to go with the xx, lana del rey and the weekend. 

If you could pick another jewelry piece out of our store what would you choose?
I'd definitely go for the customisable bangles and necklace tags!

Do you love us? (HA you don’t have to answer that, but you can!)
Sure do!

What are your plans for the future?
future like tomorrow future or a few years down the road future? Not sure about the plans for the years to come but I planned to wake up as early as I humanely can and head over to my boyfriend's place to surprise him when he awakes but I think that's pretty impossible... boohoo. My plan to turn in early is failing so badly with every passing minute as I type... HAHA

Any last words?
nope! not really!

Where can they see more of you? (links,instagram, what site you want them to visit)
get to my face and just about my life over at @chloeandchoo on both snapchat and instagram and @bitesizemonster on twitter!

Halloween with Desperados @Universal Studios Singapore!